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Some of these substances are quite harmless, but others can be toxic (especially at D4 and lower dilutions).

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of people take homeopathic remedies each year.

Indeed, homeopathy seems to be becoming more popular.

The accepted medical remedies at that time were often dangerous for the patient.

There was a joke that more people died of medical treatment than from the disease itself.

Today we know that any dilution greater than C12 is unlikely to contain even one single molecule of the remedy.

Sometimes Hahnemann diluted a substance 1-to-9 (called "D1").

For Hahnemann, these very high dilutions presented no problem.

He did not believe in atoms, and he thought that matter could be divided endlessly.

Hahnemann laid out two principles of his homeopathy.

First, he said that "like cures like" (Similia similibus curentur).

This is an attempt to contrast itself with conventional medicine.

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