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“Select” – Raises the Selected Index Changing and Selected Index Changed events. “Update” – Raises the Row Updating and Row Updated events.

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I handle the Edit and Delete events in Row Command event of the Grid View...

Eventhough, I get the error "The Grid View 'Grid View2' fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled"... I tried in google, I'm unable to get right answer..suggest to create a method that would handle Row Editing event....

I am using a Gridview with the On ROWCOMMAND to handle all update operations.

When a row is update the ONROWCOMMAND is performed but I am getting an error message saying "The Grid View 'dgd_Alerts' fired event Row Updating which wasn't handled." Why do I need an event for the On ROWUPDATING and how I can prevent this message from appearing?

I do not want to create an empty method just to handle this event. from the code you've posted it seems there's no rowupdating event handler set.

tryed to get your error setting the On Row Updated on a test gridview. try commenting out the rowupdated event handler and see if you get the same error again.Row editing and Row canceling editing working fine; but when I press update after changing the value in textbox, it show the old value not that value that I have change. There are similar questions on Stackoverflow and other websites, but I seem to miss something.protected void Tests To Be Done_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) Sql Command command Z = new Sql Command(query, my Connection); command Z. Close(); Set Patient Test Grid(Session["PATID"], e); } At my first try I had a On Row Command with the Grid View Command Event Args at the code behind.But it still throws the same exception, although I've read on a couple of sites that changing it to On Row Editing and Grid View Edit Event Args would solve the problem.As our code does not handle those events hence they throw an exception.

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