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In this season, the students are finishing up their school year at the new high school building and all are going to face what are they going to do next after they graduated high school.Also, Sasha signs her two best friends Rebecca and Crystal as her the music group The Sasha Sisters.

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Jason Dolley's character Chris Taylor is no longer a main character, but is istead recurring.

He is recently been replaced by Justin Gaston's character Bradley Johnson.

Also Dakota Fanning will reprise her role as Cassie Hilliard.

She is also working on filming her newest movie Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush, which she can have time to get a break from filming the film, in order to her to continue on filming her TV series.

It was reported that Justin Gaston will only be appearing into two episodes as Bradley Johnson is an crossover and a series finale.

But turns out that Gaston deciced to join as main character.

Even though he is absent in a couple of episodes, his name did not appear in the opening title.

Shanica Knowles, who portrayed as Becky Adams as recurring from seasons 1-3, will now become a main character into this season as she reprised her role as Becky Adams.

It will include Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey and Lucas Cruickshank as guess stars.

Best Friends Forever has the same opening title since season 3. A.", originally written by Miley Cyrus, will be written by Keke Palmer, will be featured this season. Also Say My Name and Stand Up for Love, both originally from Destiny's Child will be written by the Sasha Sisters, Palmer, Knowles and Garey.

This also goes to Sahara Garey, who will also become a main character in this season, since she is recurring from three previous seasons as Emmetta Elizabeth.

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