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The compassion and empathy the advocates of these policies emphasize should not be so easily disregarded.Some students, such as those who are victims of sexual assault or suffer from PTSD, make reasonable arguments for their positions.

While the pilgrimage from Harvard to New Haven cannot be dismissed, it is important to point out that the reason behind the exodus from “godless Harvard” was the tolerance of differing ideas in Cambridge, where, according to historian Frederick Rudolph, a spirit of honest disagreement between Puritan believers was allowed to flourish.

In fact, the historical record shows that while colonial students attended required religious classes, they also attended lectures on Copernican theory, Newtonian physics, and other discoveries of the Scientific Revolution. Expressions that could get a student in trouble outside the classroom were encouraged inside of it in the name of academic inquiry and communal progress.

Instead, they are silenced through intimidation and threatened punishments.

In the meantime, the erroneous thoughts are not displaced; instead, they persist without challenge.

During the debate, the colleague said that his duty as an educator was to get rid of his students’ prejudices.

Bloom wondered: Would his colleague render his students passive, indifferent, and subject to authorities like himself? Bloom’s response: he said he tried to teach his students prejudices. Error is the enemy, but error points to the truth, and therefore deserves our respectful attention.Speech in common areas on campus—lawns, hallways, dorms, and concert halls—may be regulated more heavily by the college because of the communal nature of these spaces.Students, especially those from historically under-represented groups, deserve to feel they are full members of the college community.This notion is undervalued on college campuses, where increasing numbers of students learn to become citizens in a republic.But Bloom’s method could point to a new way forward for free expression on campus.In 1744 at Yale, a college founded as a “safe, sound institution where the faith of the fathers was carefully protected,” two students were expelled for attending a religious revival while on vacation with their parents.

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