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Sagittarius makes a great friend because of these traits and their love for trying new and exciting things.

These traits will open up many doors for a Sagittarius during his or her lifetime.

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Sagittarius zodiac sign rarely have problems when it comes to making friends or socializing in general.

This may be because they have a rather easy-going temperament.

Sagittarius requires an exciting life, or else they will not be happy; it’s as simple as that.

Sagittarius are no fun to be around when they are bored as well.

The Sagittarius personality traits show that they won’t be easily angered if a friend can’t hang out one day.

Instead Sagittarius will simply reschedule and forgive their friend.

Punctuality is not one of Sagittarius’ strong points.

Luckily, because of Sagittarius’ kind nature, their friends and coworkers usually forgive them for being late or missing events or activities.

If there’s anything that Sagittarius is, it’s adventurous.

One skill that a Sagittarius possesses that can help them in almost any situation is their ability to be likable.

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