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Then unlock aspect ratio and I re-size the image to 7" high x 10" wide (this is being pasted onto a Landscape oriented document).

screenupdating false macro-70

The following sentence will turn offthe screen updating : Application.

Screenupdating = False It's not necessary to turn on the screen updating.

Screenupdating = True Copy-paste friendly code:' Turn off screenupdating: Application.

Screenupdating = False' Turn on screenupdating:' (happens automaticly after a module is finished): Application.

Howdy, I've been trying to get a macro to past a picture I have located in the clipboard to my word documents, position it to 'behind text', unlock the aspect ratio, set the height = 7" and the width =10", and finally move the picture 4 clicks left and 1 click down (click as in pressing the keyboard arrow key 4 times and the down key 1 time in correspondence with the grid lines).

After searching this form I came up with this macro I've been trying to get work...

Top = Inches To Points(1) ' change value as needed .

Relative Vertical Position = wd Relative Vertical Position Page .

when you want to display a dialog or a message box tothe user.

The following sentence will turn on the screen updating: Application.

By turning off the screen updating your macros will run much faster.

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