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He had a talk with Yang Hyun Seok on 9th June morning, and they have decided to reveal the truth after all.They thought not only their own stand, they also took in consideration Park Han Byul's stand in this case.”Se7en wrote on his minhompy:"I thought it will cause more misery if I say out everything. I, Choi Dong Wook, and Park Han Byul have been maintaining a more-than-friends relationship, we have know each other since before debut and we have spent a long period of 7 years together.

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[ 209, -8] I hope she doesn't get back together with Se7en... [ 35, -1] It's probably because he's going to the army soon 5. She doesn't have anything to do with me but I wish she'd meet a good man. [ 8, -0] She's connected to that 7 number an awful lot, isn't she.. [ 3,770, -150] Broke up after Se7en months of dating 2.

[ 25, -2] I don't blame her, he's enlisting soon anyway 6. [ 21, -0] Of all the months, they break up on the 7th month... [ 1,733, -31] You never know where relationships will end up 3.

She’s currently starring in which will wrap up soon and didn’t want to distract with this news earlier on.

Park Han Byul’s personal is most famous for having dated idol singer Se7en during the heyday of his popularity, with their relationship starting from their senior year in high school and lasting for 12 years before she broke up with him after his army scandal.

The news of her marriage and pregnancy is a total surprise but I’m happy for her especially proving that there isn’t a problem with stars dating publicity and breaking up afterwards to eventually finding the right person.

Article: Park Han Byul and Jung Eun Woo break up after 7 months Source: X Sports News via Nate 1.

Both were schoolmates at Anyangae High School and were close friends during their school years.

They were also YG Entertainment trainees and spent a lot of hard times together over the period of 6 – 7 years and maintained close relations.

Se7en has been pretty lonely living by himself in America and Park Han Byul was probably visiting him to encourage him.” Park Han Byul’s management, Barunson Entertainment expressed today with regards to this, “According to our knowledge, Park Han Byul was in America for personal reasons.

action=view¤t=pp09061000005.jpg"][img] Mochi/th_pp09061000005.jpg[/img][/url]Singer Se7en has finally admitted his love relationship with actress Park Han Byul.

And fans were putting Han Byul at a difficult position, and in order to protect her private life, they have decided to come clean with it.

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