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His writing style is somewhat irreverent, but that’s part of its appeal.

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Fiore, a media expert at Michigan State University who studies online dating.

“Claims like ‘Oregonians tend to be more gay-curious than other Americans’ are suspect ...

“We try to explore stereotypes, especially ones you’ve never heard of.”Want to know what books 30-year-old bisexual Latina women from Michigan are reading? How about the political leanings of six-foot Indian-American males who play piano and have sex on the first date? Once he has an idea of something that would be interesting if true he goes to the database He posits as an example, “do Asians floss more?

” For that question, he’ll run a search for all mentions of “flossing,” and sort those results by ethnicity.

Unlike other dating Web sites, where users browse through a bevy of potential mates (Match.com) or automatically get paired up based on personality tests (e Harmony.com), Ok Cupid relies on an algorithm that measures a series of compatibility traits (e.g., cleanliness) in three ways: your answer, how you’d like your partner to answer, and how important that trait is to you.

The service, which is free to join, currently is second in popularity to among dating Web sites, according to the company.

“I wanted the blog to read like it was written by a real person, rather than a company, so I’ve made no effort to hide my personality,” says Rudder, a native of Little Rock, who now lives with his wife in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and looks a decade younger than his 35 years.

He arrived at his interview near Ok Cupid’s Midtown Manhattan offices wearing a lavender hoodie and turquoise socks stuffed inside loafers.

But is this something I would mention in my profile if I was a single man using a dating Web site?

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