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When I was lying flat on the massage table he took my wrists and ankles and secured them loosely to the sides of the table using soft cords that were fixed to the table.I still had quite a bit of movement but I was secure and could not get up.Then several figures moved into my line of sight on either side of me. You have been chosen for a very special initiation ritual. I felt dizzy with anxiety, I counted about 8 men in total around me!

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I normally keep my cock, balls and ass hair free but on the night before he told me to be extra smooth and cleaned inside and out.

He signed out giving me the address of where we were to meet with the instruction to call when I got to the place.

I said that I would love to take part in this kind of group fun but as we lived miles apart this was highly unlikely.

I asked him for details of what he had in mind but the subject changed onto other topics and we continued our on-line exchanges over the next few weeks.

The date was set for four weeks time and he insisted that I should not cum for the whole period until we met.

I was told to wank for at least an hour every night, imagining one of the fantasies that I had shared with him, and keep wanking right up to the edge but I was not to go over, keeping myself fully primed for the big night.

He ask if this was true and I had to admit that his observation was accurate.

He told me if I was up for it he could make it happen.

I had been chatting on-line with an older assertive guy called Don for quite some time exchanging fantasies back and forward but we had still to meet.

One day he observed that I had recurring theme of being restrained and used anonymously by a number of older guys and a wish to swallow huge loads of cum.

I gasped as He took my cock and wanked me, quickly bringing me right to the edge then he stopped abruptly saying Later - - - - Later!

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