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I guess I was interested in getting the location information out of it, but that didn't seem to show up in my attachment.

init With Capacity:k Default String Size]; [vcf String append String:@"BEGIN: VCARD\n"]; [vcf String append String:@"VERSION:3.0\n"]; if (s) if (c) if (st) // TODO: look up semicolon for VCard representation if (z) [vcf String append String:@"END: VCARD"]; Totally agree with Dave De Long's answer.

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All you need is the contact, that you wanna send, must be listed in your i OS Contacts app.

Then it’s just a matter of a few taps and you’ll be able to send contact v Card (vcf) containing phone number, email, adress, etc…

Sharing a contact info via contact card is much faster than typing it out.

You can easily and quickly send contact card (v Card)from your i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch either using SMS or i Message.

After you’re satisfied with the information that appears on your business card, you can change the look and feel of each field, as well as the overall design of your business card. You can also add a background color for the entire business card by the Insert tab and then choosing Business Card.

The first time you insert your business card, you’ll have to select it from the Other Business Cards dialog, but afterwards, it’ll show up in the drop-down menu.

* Note: It is highly recommended that you list your White Pages email address.

Important: Any information you enter into your v Card is publicly available.

Note: Contacts can be grouped by multiple fields in a hierarchy view.

If contacts are already grouped in the list view, you can click and drag the group by boxes to re-arrange the grouping order.

You can skip this step by including your business card in your signature. If you’d like, you can resize the business card for the signature by choosing a percentage in the Size drop-down menu.

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