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"The only word I could say to him, stop stop, I want my house, stop stop," she said. She said that he put his hand on her knee and pulled her dress up to her thigh.

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And when the driver comes, he see me leaning on his car.

Even gave plastic carry on my mother to someone she retorted.

During a struggle she hit him in his face with her elbow and he punched her head, she said. It's like he was afraid of someone hearing my screams." She said he drove off leaving her there and a woman out walking helped her get a taxi home.

She then managed to take her seatbelt off and unlock the car door, the woman testified. The trial continues before Judge Cormac Quinn and a jury of six men and six women.

Plus size (Female) amateur models - no previous experience required.

Luscious and remarkable, my voice can make a man shiver and my eyes can make a saint turn into a sinner!

I am a stubborn, wild, and crazy Aries, is your sign compatible with mine?

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A woman has told a court that a man she met through Tinder was like a "monster" when he attacked her in his car.

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