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They are a significant part of our cities’ history and beacons of faith to modern society.

If that cannot be done, why not follow the example of medieval Rome, where the populace fled and many of the churches were unused for long periods of time?

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Well-known examples of this are the renovations of the former Los Angeles cathedral, Saint Vibiana, into a wedding and corporate event center, and of Saint John the Baptist Church in Pittsburgh into a brew pub.

Often when a sale is proposed, the overly pious are assured that all of the major artistic pieces will be removed, meaning altars, stained glass, and statuary.

The option most likely to succeed is to invite a religious order in to run the parish.

Opus Dei, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, and the Institute of Christ the King have a track record in reviving dying parishes and restoring beautiful buildings and artwork.

The idea of recycling sounds very attractive today, especially if the historic church has a lot of detail work and precious art.

While a worthy goal, it should be pointed out that you will need experts in sacred architecture, preservation, and historic construction if you are to carefully dismantle and rebuild an old church.There is an unprecedented crisis in our cities, yet most are not aware of it.It does not affect residents nor shoppers in our tony neighborhoods.But what if the building is still beloved by people in the neighborhood, especially the faithful?What are some creative ways to assist them to have a house of prayer that is a light to the city and a locus for the sacraments?They can be opened for as little or as much as they are able.

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