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Learn More Principal Investigator: Joann Wu Shortt, Ph. This study will involve secondary analysis for 323 young adults (184 women and 139 men; average age 21 years) and their romantic partners from the Linking the Interests of Families and Teachers (LIFT) community sample. Rates of psychiatric comorbidity, or dual diagnosis, among substance-abusing youths range from 25 to 82 percent. The project capitalizes on an on-going implementation project, aiming to generate evidence about […] Learn More Principal Investigator: J. Early elementary-aged children, their caregivers, and mentors will be interviewed in the study.

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Learn More Principal Investigator: Jennifer Cearley, Ph. Mentoring is commonly viewed as an important prevention strategy for youth at risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Learn More Principal Investigator: Jacqueline Bruce, Ph. This study is designed to investigate the effects of early adverse experiences and the cognitive processes underlying behavioral regulation on early-onset alcohol use in maltreated adolescents.

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An Internet-based delivery format to address the unique needs of families of re-integrating service members after deployment to combat zones. Preschool-aged foster children are at high risk for numerous negative outcomes.

Learn More Principal Investigator: Philip Fisher, Ph. Five-year trial testing the efficacy of a preventive intervention designed to reduce risk and improve long-term outcomes for preschoolers in the foster care system. This is a longitudinal study of 180 children and their families. The Kids in Transition to School – Early Childhood Education Project was a randomized efficacy trail of a preventive intervention to enhance psychosocial and academic school readiness in children with development disabilities as then enter the kindergarten.

Child Exposure to Family Violence (CEV) draws […] Learn More Principal Investigator: Megan Gunnar (University of Minnesota) ; Philip Fisher, Ph. A grant funding a network of scientists studying the effects of stressful early environments on the developing brain and interventions that can remediate these effects.

However, the impact of IPV exposure on children’s adjustment has shown substantial variability.

Learn More Principal Investigator: Leslie Leve, Ph. This study is a follow-up of two randomized intervention studies The OSLC Relationship Study 1 and The OSLC Relationship Study 2 aimed at improving adjustment and reducing delinquency during adolescence. It will leverage data from an existing randomized clinical trial of The […] Learn More Principal Investigator: Rohanna Buchanan, Ph. SWIFT is a 3-year development project of an intervention to support student transitions from day-treatment school settings to public school settings.

This study (NIMH #R01MH108793) will evaluate the effectiveness of a comprehensive treatment for emerging adults who are justice-involved and have serious mental illness, as well as examining the mechanisms of action for such treatments. Learn More Principal Investigator: Patricia Chamberlain, Ph. An intervention with 13- to 17-year-old females with histories of chronic criminal behavior and mental health problems referred from the juvenile justice system. According to 2010 data from the Pew Charitable Trusts, 1 in 28 children have a parent behind bars. IES: (#R305H140081) Learn More Principal Investigator: J. Learn More Research has documented a link between substance use and other types of aggressive behavior, such as bullying, aggression, and sexual harassment, yet there remains a dearth of knowledge regarding the extent to which substance use facilitates or amplifies patterns of teen dating aggression.

Learn More Principal Investigator: Lisa Saldana, Ph. FAIR is an intensive treatment for parents referred to child welfare services for neglect and substance use. The study is being conducted in collaboration with the Relief Nursery in the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan areas in Oregon. IES: (#R324A150149) Learn More Principal Investigator: David Kerr, Ph. This study is a longitudinal prospective study that follows 164 adolescent girls who were involved in a randomized clinical trial of Treatment Foster Care of Oregon (TFCO) to young adulthood. This study (NIDA #R01DA041434) will determine if JPOs can deliver an evidence-based intervention as a means to ultimately decrease drug use and criminal behaviors among high-risk adolescents Learn More Principal Investigator: Patricia Chamberlain, Ph. Numerous studies have shown that many of today’s foster children have complex and serious behavioral and mental health problems that put them at risk for negative long-term outcomes.

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