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Later, it was discovered that when such a blowpipe flame acted on a block of calcium oxide, a brilliant white light resulted—limelight.

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He presented a paper describing his invention on to the Chemical Society of Philadelphia.

American statesman, scientist, inventor, diplomat, author, printer and publisher who become widely known in European scientific circles for his reports of electrical experiments and theories.

He invented a type of stove, still being manufactured, to give more warmth than open fireplaces and the lightning rod. Grasping the fact that by united effort a community may have amenities which only the wealthy few can get for themselves, he helped establish institutions people now take for granted: a fire company (1736), a library (1731), an insurance company (1752), an academy (1751), and a hospital (1751).

In some cases these foundations were the first of their kind in North America. Italian architect and theologian whose study of mathematics led him to a career in architecture in which he created the most fantastic geometric elaboration of all baroque churches.

Ralph Howard Fowler was an English physicist and astronomer whose university education in mathematics led him to working on thermodynamics and statistical mechanics with important applications in physical chemistry. Fowler proposed that white dwarf stars consist of a degenerate gas of extremely high density.« .

Turning to astronomy, he collaborated with Arthur Milne on the spectra of stars, and their temperatures, and pressures. Glenn Luther Martin was an American aeronaut and inventor whose bombers and flying boats played important roles in WW II.

Therein, Guarini discusses Desargue's projective geometry, which reveal a scientific basis for his daring structures.

He worked primarily in Turin and Sicily, with his influence stretching into Germany, Austria and Bohemia.« .

Muir provided machinery for the Woolwich Arsenal to make interchangeable rifle sights.

He continued inventing machines and machine tools.« .

He also worked on the statistical mechanics of white dwarf stars (1926) with P. His first planes were built in collaboration with mechanics from his auto shop, working in a disused church building that Martin rented.

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