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As soon as Michael gets home we'll come to visit." Jeanne said, "I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that day." "I am too Jeanne, but I have to be positive both of us are ready. If I returned home right now it was possible that she might view me as an impediment to her new life style. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

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During the ensuing days we fell into a comfortable pattern.

Amy, Mel and I spent Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Danny's Lounge.

" "I told him he was acting like a jerk and asked him to leave. I told him to get out or I'd immediately call his wife.

He told me he'd leave, but not until after he'd fucked his slut in the ass. I told him to get his hands off of me and get out or I'd call his wife. When Trent heard that his face flushed and then he turned and ran to his car.

Jeanne adopted similar attire, but her outfit also included a vibrator. " "We were lying in bed waiting until Trent was hard again so he could do me in my butt.

That was how we always liked to finish the afternoon." I said, "You've been doing that for a month now." "Yes Michael, I've learned that I love anal sex.

I know you prefer pussy fucking, but while we're in San Antonio I really would like it if you'd occasionally do me back there" "Jeanne, if you enjoy it, I'll enjoy it." "I'll make sure you enjoy it." "I'm certain you will." Mel said, "Jeanne, tell us what happened." "Yes, I'm sorry.

When I'm talking to the three of you it's easy to get side tracked. Trent and I didn't cuddle and we almost never spoke to each other. While we were lying there Trent suddenly sat up and announced that he didn't want me to go to Brady's anymore.

You've called me a lot of things, but you've never called me exuberant." Jeanne said, "Mel, I thought all the girls from Chicago were exuberant." Mel looked at Amy and then she looked at me.

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