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It seems that back in 1971, Buell had called the Musicians Union and told them that Aynsley Dunbar was making all this money with Zappa and he wasnt in the Union - and not only that, he wasnt even American.

The Musicians Union came down really hard on Herb and Frank.

I should ask.) So my breaks werent exemplary and my guy actually set up a phone call with me so he could walk me through his process (hes also a composer) and it SAVED ME, not only me but obviously Pound For A Brown/Exercise #4.

That is when Herb arranged for one of the girls in Herbs office to marry Aynsley, so that he could get a Green Card.

Following advice from his Doctor, Shuggie Otis has had to cancel his forthcoming UK tour: Shuggie has unfortunately not recovered from an accident last year but hopes to continue his recovery and make music again soon.

to Fillmore East contains a few unfortunate errors (FZ born in 1941? Out on 20 April, it includes a new version of the track Ice Cold Daydream, first heard on his Freedom Flight album in 1971.

Digital Vault Passes have just been sent to backers of Alex Winters Zappa movie.

These give access to over two hours of audio (including longer edits of Thirteen & Stucco Homes, and a live version of Oh No from 1984 featuring Napi) and just under an hour of video wonderment (including an epic rendition of RDNZL from Dusseldorf in 1982).

Heres on Tuesday 3 April (you can download it here); chosen by Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves and Colin Callen), he was accompanied by Beefheart biographer Mike Barnes.Hed done a lot of sessions and hed played contra bass with the Boston Philharmonic.He was also into the blues and stuff and was a very good friend of mine and Elliots.Buell had also done some stuff with Frank in the past, but it seems that he and Frank had had a serious falling out.So, when Buell went to the rehearsal on the first day, Zappa came flying out of the office, pulled Beefheart off to the side and said, That guy aint playing in your band because hes not gonna rehearse on these premises and in fact, we want him outta here right now!I also had files from the last time it was printed.

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