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As we mentioned at the start all cities have different value when it comes to mongering and if you want to have sex with prostitutes in Jakarta these clubs are the way to go.

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The truth is it really isn’t too much different then other places in the region, though visiting during Ramadhan might not be the best idea.

We are going to start off with the sex clubs because they are the easiest way to find ladies of the night here.

The best Jakarta sex clubs are generally considered to be: Terminal 2 is located in Classic Hotel and is one of the cheapest sex clubs in Jakarta.

There is a 50k minimum spend (roughly 13k rupiah per USD so $4) and the price for sex is 350k. Travel Hotel is also 350k, and King’s Cross has different tiers ranging from 350k to 725k.

Indonesian girls also are very polarizing themselves.

On the one hand you will find some of the most conservative women anywhere here.

And the topless dancers will be available but will cost more than the prostitutes roaming the floor.

If you have any questions on how anything works just ask one of the many mamasans around and they can clear things up for you.

Many guys who travel around Asia are used to visiting girly bars, but these sex clubs are different for one main reason.

You actually have sex on site here, not just barfine the girls and take them back to your hotel.

On the other hand there are also girls that are far more sexually aggressive about hooking up than you may believe.

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