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He was half-hard as he woke up, and his erection tautened further as he thought of the next few hours alone with her friend, and as he cast his mind back to the times they had enjoyed so far...

A few evenings earlier, Mike and Sue had offered to do the washing up after the evening meal.

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The back of her neck was slender, and he had kissed her smooth skin and her neatly groomed, lightly lacquered hair.

He'd then cupped her modest breast through her tee shirt, and rubbed his growing hardness against her bum cheek.

Thankfully Mike had been out of the room on that occasion; when Sue told him, he had cringed, and knew that he would have flushed brightly if he had been present.

This morning, Mike awoke to the sound of his mother getting ready for work.

He would watch her part her thighs and hike up her skirt or stand up and lift her skirt to her waist to exhibit her pretty panties, to the sound of his mother filling the kettle in the kitchen.

He would gaze at Aunt Sue's mound outlined through the satin as his mother spooned coffee into the mugs and lifted the milk from the fridge.

They both had to work hard at appearing natural, normal, and casual when his mother was at home.

It wasn't easy to avoid prolonged eye contact or two-way conversation that would leave his mother out.

She had given a low sigh, turned her head and kissed him briefly on the mouth, and had then begun to wash the dishes, watching his hand as it wormed up her tee shirt to knead her breast through just her bra.

He had run his hand up and down her flank to caress her outer thigh through the warm fabric of her trousers.

His mother had gratefully curled into her chair to catch the six o'clock news headlines and weather forecast on the television.

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