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One such afternoon, I decided to see just how bold she was, and took a place leaning against a tree, just inside school property. It was pretty basic, but it took me about an hour," she said. I noticed that her hair was down, and her glasses were not obscuring her eyes. Could have been better, but it beats an F any day." "I'm glad we got things sorted out," I replied. Owens," she giggled, and walked out of the administration office.

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And then there's the ones you can't help but recognize. I had no idea she was such a vision, but now that I did know, I wouldn't forget.

*** Of course, the mall wasn't the only place to find students.

" "Oh, yes, SIR," she sneered, tugging at the pleats which miraculously reached further down her legs after the fact. " "Thank you, Miss Jones," I nodded, letting my eyes caress her chest lovingly.

"If I were to measure, your skirt," I levelled my gaze at her face, with great difficulty, "would it meet regulation length?

I watched her ass for a few seconds, until I lost her in the crowd.

Nearly a hundred young women, blossoming into adulthood. "Enjoy your meal." With that, the blonde bombshell flipped her hair at me, and turned on her heels.

With a body so clearly built for sex, how could you not have impure thoughts about such a creature?

Put a girl like Melissa Jones in that uniform, and conflict was guaranteed. She may have been an eighteen-year-old senior in a Catholic girl's school, but she was built like Satan's favourite concubine. She was just that hot, in the stereotypical blonde bimbo fashion; Long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, plump lips you'd love to see wrapped around your cock... Add an ass you could crack walnuts on, a waist that most women would require a corset to match, and last, but certainly not least, tits like honeydew melons, straining the buttons on her blouse.

Every afternoon, she would walk just outside that line, and roll her skirt up six inches, to mid-thigh.

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