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As a result, we announced today that we will pursue broader, more fundamental changes in our capital structure and business model, so that Sears Holdings can move forward with greater financial flexibility and more capital to invest in the most promising areas of our business.

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In May 2016, we hired Citigroup to seek partners or acquirers of our major brands – Kenmore, Craftsman, and Die Hard – as well as our Home Services and Auto Services businesses.

We concluded a successful process with the sale of Craftsman in March 2017, where we will continue to sell Craftsman products while benefiting from Stanley Black & Decker’s ownership of the brand.

We continue to seek additional alternatives for these brands and major assets and have been in discussions with various parties to that end.

When implemented, the initiatives we are announcing today will represent an important forward step for Sears Holdings – one that will strengthen our financial position and sharpen our operating focus.

Finally, the financial transactions we have initiated will, if completed, facilitate our ongoing efforts to unlock value in our other brands and major assets, including Kenmore, Die Hard, Sears Home Services, Sears Auto Centers and our real estate portfolio.

However, should our efforts to complete the refinancing not be fully successful, the Company’s Board will consider all other options to maximize the value of Sears Holdings’ assets. We have always believed that the combination of these two iconic retail platforms had the foundation and the ingredients to become a great Company.

While these actions have so far helped our Company survive the so-called “Retail Apocalypse”, many observers are not persuaded that Sears Holdings can be a viable competitor in the long term.

It is obvious that to overcome such skepticism and obtain the support of outside lenders and our vendor community – which is crucial to the success of any retailer – we need to undertake further measures.

The logic behind enabling Kmart’s emergence from bankruptcy in 2003 and the merger with Sears in 2005 was to give the two businesses the best chance not just to survive, but to thrive in what would become a retail environment of accelerating change.

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