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Natural wonders keep pace with the cultural from mountains to seas, with some otherworldly sights between. Surrounded by six major bodies of water, Turkey has 8,000 km of coastline (from north to south: the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus, the strait of the Dardanelles, the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas).Turkey borders Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Syria and Iraq.

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The storm killed at least six people while more than 30 remain missing, officials said.

Cyclone Mekunu caused flash flooding that tore away whole roadways and submerged others in Salalah, Oman's third-largest city, stranding drivers.

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The highest point in Turkey is Mount Ararat at 5,166 meters and the source of both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers is in Turkey.

Turkey is a secular, democratic state governed by the rule of law; committed to the nationalism of its founding father Atatrk and based on the principle of the separation of powers.

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