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• All free are to be addressed as "Master" or "Mistress" unless they tell you otherwise.

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It is not a slave's place to dictate to or publicly judge the free.

If a free person is abusive or unnecessarily rude to you, take it up with a moderator.

I like causing ache, so when I acquire to work with somebody who is enthusiastic about receiving it, I acquire slutty. I know that fellows sometimes have trouble following the rules in the club where I work.

I’m patient, but at some point my patience runs out.

NOTE: Typing the full nick of a free person present will potentially get their attention, in case your request was missed.

• If there is a topic/discussion amongst the free in progress, slaves are expected to politely ask if they may participate, rather than simply butting in.Verbally humiliated, intimidated and paraded in public as well as exposed online Take My smoke slave, open your mouth and become my human ashtray, I will flick my ash in your mouth, on your tongue on the cock and balls as well as blow my smoke in your face. Locked in a latex outfit, chained, cuffed and collared. He signed his slave contract and knows he must do everything that is now demanded of him.Worshipping his Trainer and ensuring she is given everything to keep her in the lifestyle she is customized to. Cock and Ball Torment Blonde Dominatrix trains bitch slaveboy with... Fisted Marcelo knows what that chap wants and this stud knows how to ask for it. Maitresse Madeline slaps a cock sheath on a horny... She then adds binder clips to his from and pulls them off not fast as that fellow wails in anguish.These cruel mistress webcams are the most manipulative, sadistic and evil, with females who don’t care about weak male cam slaves.

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