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You don't have to worry about having cell phone service at home because you can still text most people with these SMS alternatives, so long as they're using the app as well.

Pure Chat was designed to help organizations have better conversations with their website visitors in the moments that matter most.

We eliminated frustrating per operator costs and chat limits to ensure that your entire team can leverage the power of live chat without having to worry about skyrocketing costs as your team grows.

It works even on i Pads and i Pod touches that don't have a mobile messaging plan at all.

Mobile marketing uses SMS too, like to promote new products, deals, or specials from a company.

For starters, SMS messages require a cell phone service, which can be really annoying when you don't have it.

Even if you have a full Wi-Fi connection at home, school, or work, but no cell service, you can't send a regular text message.

Some mobile carriers even support sending SMS messages to landline phones, but that uses another service between the two so that the text can be converted to voice in order to be spoken over the phone.

Text messaging is very cheap in most parts of the world.

Its success can be contributed to how easy it is to receive and read text messages, which is why the mobile marketing industry was said to be worth around 0 billion as of 2014.

SMS is also used by some services for receiving two-factor authentication codes.

This is due to a 1,120-bit limitation in the SMS standard.

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