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Or a parent or grandparent who constantly tries to guilt-trip you into doing something you don’t want to do. Your daughter, who knows that her uncle is totally unreliable, says, “Will you really do it? I was just trying to be nice.” And he storms out of the room. But what can help is to openly problem solve with them, around them, and about them.

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And of course it’s worse with older teens and adults.

When adults try to get out of a difficult situation by lying, manipulating, or even just slightly tweaking the truth, we don’t even question their motivation.

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It says that you care so much, you would rather protect her feelings than expose your own.

Friends are good friends when they know what truths you truly need to hear.

Maybe it’s your “friend” who hugs you and tells you you’re the best, and then badmouths you behind your back. Your teenaged daughter and your niece, who have been best friends since birth, say that they’d like to go to the mall the next day after school to look for outfits for an upcoming event. Somehow, someway, the tables will get turned and you will be blamed. When he would pull your hair, you would hit him, and you’d get in trouble?

Or it might be a sibling who puts you down in the most subtle ways possible, and then insists that you are the one who always starts fights. Your brother says that he’ll be happy to take them. You just had to ruin it, didn’t you,” says your daughter. It’s really underhanded – that’s why we call them sneaky. You know by now that it doesn’t help to show them the error of their ways, or to preach about right and wrong.

And that really saves me from having to change my son’s soccer carpool yet again. Just in case something comes up, let’s have a backup plan.” And then, when he says, “Nothing’s going to come up,” you can respond, “Well, I can’t imagine that anything will, but I’ve learned that it’s better to be prepared in these situations.” If all goes well, your daughter and niece will chime in with some other possibilities.

And if it doesn’t go well, later you can tell your daughter that you’re going to change the soccer carpool just in case, and if her uncle doesn’t show up, she should call you and you’ll pick her up as soon as possible (or you won’t change the carpool, but she and her cousin can wait for you at school and you’ll come by to pick them up as soon as you get the boys dropped off). On the plus side she's been very helpful, useful and gives great conversation.

On the negative side, it is tough to get a straight answer out of her when she doesn't want to do something. When she gets evasive then I can suspect the answer is no.

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