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We should like to express our thanks to those who undertook research projects for us, as well as to those parents, young people, professionals in different services and others who were the source of their information. In the course of our work we made many visits, individually or in groups, to a wide range of institutions in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Special needs dating skills

Those organisations and individuals who submitted written evidence or gave oral evidence to us in full Committee, in sub- committees or in sub-groups are listed in Appendix 1. Our report also draws on the findings of a number of research projects undertaken on our behalf.

A review of recent research in special education was produced for us by Mr C Cave and Mrs P Maddison.

Although short, these visits were very valuable in enabling those who took part to re-examine particular issues from a different perspective. One difficulty which confronted us in preparing this report was the existence of certain differences in terminology between England, Wales and Scotland.

For example, the terms local education authority and social services department, which occur frequently throughout our report, are peculiar to England and Wales; their Scottish counterparts are education authority and social work department.

Our terms of reference required us to take account of the medical aspects of the needs of handicapped children and young people, together with arrangements to prepare them for entry into employment.

We have also had regard to the social aspects of their needs, to relations between the different professionals engaged in meeting their needs, to the contribution of their parents and the parents' own needs for support and to the requirements for research and development.The division was as follows: the needs of handicapped children under five; the education of handicapped children in ordinary schools; day special schools and boarding provision; and the educational and other needs of handicapped school leavers.The sub-committees on special educational provision in ordinary and special schools were subsequently amalgamated and a further sub-committee was established in 1976 to consider arrangements for the training of teachers.On a very small number of issues, indicated in the text, there was difference of opinion among us. On all our main conclusions and recommendations we were in complete agreement.Throughout our work we have been greatly helped by our assessors from government departments.Another group went to Denmark and Sweden to study the implementation of the policy of educating severely handicapped children in ordinary schools and the provision made for handicapped young people over 16.

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