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"In proportion to the value" addiction marijuana, 17; giving one's self away, 53; "Drug addicts [...] are not often inclined toward violent crime" 55; "Who teaches your U.

130; junkie in Boston; 300; China Pearl Place 133; in Boston Chit Chat Farms Rehabilitation of Pennsylvania State 749; where Maranthe (as Henri, the Swiss) did detox Choosy Mothers 582; (name taken from 1970s era slogan of Jif peanut butter: "Choosy mothers choose Jif." Chore Boys 222; 225 Chrétien, J.

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coordinator of the pan-Canadian Resistance (92); "once studies under radical Edmonton Jesuits" 420; "late regional patron" of the Antitoi brothers, 480; "of the Gaspé Peninsula" 480; 722; Duquette 233; fn.145/1027; film critic at M. feminist protesters at Yale/Brown basketball game Eighties Bill bets on Dymphna 17; 9-year-old soft-skulled, blind tennis kid from "Nowheresburg, Iowa" who will be enrolling at ETA "next term"; "little blind Illinois kid Thorp thought so well of" 246; Moment article on, 247; 518; 567; E., Tommy 960; at AA/NA meeting with Mikey E. ) Eighties Bill "sartorially eccentric cranio-facial-pain-specialist" (not named), 721; upscale gambler who figured in Fackelmann's downfall, 926; son of Sixties Bob, 931; "Sorkin's personal migrainologist" 931; Eisenstein 232; Elit[e] Diner 354; White Flaggers' hang-out, nextdoor to Steve's Donuts in Enfield Center Ellis, Bret Easton 191; "ghastly" American novelist Empire Waste Displacement 121; catapults waste into the Great Convexity; 217; 241; 475 Endless Stem 221; a section of the Charles River (? Fortier, 127; 317; wife was born without a skull, 429; father's death, 490; dreams of father, 528; A. MCI-Billerica 462; where Gately did some time (Mass. 137; MA Department of Correction; 210 Meech Lake Accord 1013; I, II & III; III was "Ottawa's last attempt to placate Québec with a constitutional amendment formalizing the Gallic province's right to 'preserve and promote' a 'distinct society and culture.'" 1021; Méliès 219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment Melinda 229 (unnamed); "beautiful young woman" high on Ecstacy, dancing in front of mirror, at Notkin's party; 233; 235 Menelaus 105; king of Sparta at the time of the Trojan War; husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon. 1909-1984 methedrine addict from New Bedford 194; woman who hangs w/Gately at Ennet House Metheun-Andover border 456; locus of mammoth effectuators, in no. the Odalisque, fn.24/988; N., Dicky 445; Crocodile N., Didi See Neaves, Didi N., Maureen 826; C. ), 960; Nunhagen-Aspirin 341; of Framington MA; Cranio-Facial Pain ads, 413; Nwangi, Tony 98; ETA prorector; "hatchet-faced Kenyan" (fn.73/998) O., Bud 844; Ennet House resident who visits Gately at St. Those who serve best usually win." 952; match-wrap, 966; See also Show, the; Terminex 44; roach exterminators in Phoenix, AZ.

organizer north of the Great Concavity" 58; Gately's strangulation victim (59); "victim's prior involvement with the widow of the auteur " 91; Perec was "stenographer-cum-jeune-fille-de-Vendredi ["Girl Friday"] to, 92; former ass't. Dworkinite Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx 929; Brown Univ. Teresa 235; sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini; 238; in Pre-Nuptial Agreement of Heaven and Hell, 742; Egede or Egette 891; ex-lover of Gately's: "sharp-nosed round-cheeked dead-eyed nurse with a weird Germanish accent [who] couldn't come close to coming unless he burned her with a cigarette" 891 egregulous 272; unidentifiable word (typo? 928; in Providence RI; Eighties Bill "cast himself as White Knight in Bidding for majority control" Fellini 185; 8_ felo de se 286; Latin: suicide; 308; Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx 307; Fenton 47; paranoid-schizophrenic on educational cartridge Fentress 254; ETA teacher feral hamsters 58; 93; 561; possible ETA sighting by Blott, 668; "Piranha of the Plains" 670; feral infant See Infant, The "Ferocious Francis" see Gehaney, Francis Fiends in Human Shape, The 156; band's name on Pemulis' T-shirt; lead singer looks like Mildred Bonk (to Bruce Green), 276; 582; figurants 835; silenced background characters in drama and ballet Fils de Montcalm fn.110/1011-12; Québec separatist organization; fn.304/1057, dropped shit-filled pie shell onto the rostrum of U. President Gentle's second Inaugural" 1061; finski 331 3; fin. Makulic, Bernard 634; "little 14-C" at ETA Malone 411; owned TCI cable TV network Mann fn.24/987; filmmaker parodied in Himself's Death in Scarsdale Man o' War Grille 682; Portuguese restaurant on Prospect in Cambridge, where Matty Pemulis is; map 129; slang term for face; personal map, 196; "personal competitive map" fn.75; "utter demapping" fn.75; "eliminate their own map for keeps" (commit suicide), 220; 231; "keep his map shut when he's got nothing important to say" 276; 280; de-mapping, 300; Marathe, Gertraud 89 (unnamed); 126; wife of Rémy; dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; born w/o a skull, 429; 529; 752; "among the first Swiss children of southwestern Switzerland to become born without a skull" 779; her condition, 779; in a comatose state for almost one year, 780; Marathe, Rémy 88; member of "Wheelchair Assassins" and quadruple agent (fn.40/995); "Something bigger than the self [...] You are what you love" 107; wife dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; "eidetic, near-perfect in recall" 127; reports to M. believes him to be a triple agent, 529; at Ennet House, 730; "prepared to die violently at any time" 732; w/paranoid addict who raves about the "metal" people, 735; at Ennet House w/Pat M., 747; aka "Henri" 748; w/Kate Gompert, 774; how he met his wife, 777; "a used Kenbeck pacemaker for Maranthe's father, now deceased" fn.313/1062; Marblehead 55; where ADA and wife go to "celebrity sailing thing" Marlon 386; perpetually wet former ETA student & Orin's doubles partner Martin, Dean 863; American actor and singer Martinez, Eugenio 177; volunteer alumnus counselor at Ennet House & Gately's counselor when he was a resident; 196; 273; "ex coke and -phone-bunko guy whose left ear had been one of his Losses" and "grizzled Filipino" 466; Marxist Film-Cartridge Theory 227; subject of Notkin's oral critique for Ph. M*A*S*H 639; 70s TV show with which Steeply's father was obsessed; U. Korean Police Action only lasted two years, 644; 834; masks- "blank facial masking" 72; Lemon Pledge husks "a battery of five-holed masks" 223; Notkin's Karl Marx, 227; guy in wheelchair tailing Orin with "some kind of domino-mask" 245; "Wayne's father is an asbestos miner who [...] wears triple-thick masks" 262; "a disguise that makes [Lenz] look like Cesar Romero after a terrible accident" 276; Massachussetts Department of Public Health 138; of which Division of Substance Abuse Services is a part Material 222; dope Mathis, Johnny 102; American pop crooner (50s-60s); "Chances Are" Mc Cartney, Linda 978; wife of Paul; CD of just her contributions to Wings tunes Mc Cartney, Paul 978; former Beatle and leader of Wings Mc Dade, Wade 177; resident at Ennet House; tatoos, 206; 363; "a young hard-core flask-alkie from Ashland KY" 469; 533; Mc Gee fn.304/1055; "-like chaos" unknown reference Mc Gruff 880; "the freaking crime dog;" Smokey The Bear-ish mascot for law enforcement. Merman, Ethel 214; American comic actress and singer noted for her poweful voice. Robert ("Sixties Bob") 927; "septuagenarian pink-sunglasses-and-Nehru-jacket-wearing N. He of Troy." Menelaus, 105; Medusa, 190, 529; Popogatapec, 243; "It's a myth no one misses [the Substance]" 273; 528; Circe, 529; "Polycleitos body, Hermes or Theseus before his trials" 636; Job, 740, 895; Promethean-guilt angle, 791; Incandenza family, 838; Camilla, "goddess of speed and light step" 965; "visually lethal mythologic females" in Himself's "The Medusa v. Rivermen 742; football team Nucci, Vinnie ("Nooch") 886; "favored Dilaudid and spent over a year without ever taking the belt off his wing, dropping through Osco skylights at night on a rope"; "for whom Gately also occasionally held the rope on late-night Osco-and-Rite-Aid-skylight missions" 914; at AA/NA meeting (? S.'s Reconfigurative giveaway" 438; 439-42; fn.304/1057; Sudbury Half-Measures Avail Us Nothing Group 563; AA group whose Chair used to be a nuclear auditor for the Defense industry ("used tod wear a four-piece suit and the fourth piece was him") Sunstrand Power & Light 342; Himself's ad for, fn.24/986; "like being down at Sunstrand Plaza when they fired the transformers" fn.234/1042; "O. (American Heritage Dictionary) Syrian Satellite Pro 216; at ETA for "two paid weeks of corrective instruction" Tallat-Kelpsa, Audern 118; younger ETA student; 265; Tap & Whack 515; grueling tennis drill, aka "Puker" Tarantino, Quentin 185; American filmmaker (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) Tarkovsky , Andrey 185; "some Russian guy" (1932-1986), Soviet film director Tassigny 722; A. 975; box carried by a "very bland groomed collegeish guy in a Wembley tie, during Fackelmann's demise Tavis, Charles ("C. Incandenza's half-brother or adoptive brother, depending on the version' 81; "his collection of platform shoes and unconvincing hairpieces and Stair Master" 253; 285; becomes Assistant Headmaster at ETA, 286-87; possibly Mario's biological father, 451; "a reverse-Buddhism, a state of Total Worry" 451; background, 516; "possibly the openest man of all time" "a cross-section of a person" 517; 526; 655; "a master charmer past all social gauge" fn.266/1046; "Gretel the Cross-Sectioned Dairy Cow" fn.269/1048; "misadventure at Himself's funeral" 907, 910; Tavis, Elizabeth 901; Avril's step-mother, "an American widow [who] seems almost certainly to have been a dwarf" 901; "still alive and somewhere in Alberta" 953; tecato gusano 200; "some kind of interior psychic worm that cannot be sated or killed" (Latin slang for one's addiction) Tech Talk Daily 182; CD-ROM student paper at MIT teleputer See TP Tenderhole, Bridget 300; Boston prostitute who copes for Poor Tony tennis- and drugs, 67; combination of chess & boxing, 81; Schtitt's theories on, 81-84; "The true oponent, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself" 84; Stan Smith cartridge, 110; "It's an individual sport" 112; 3 types of student (Despairing; Obsessive; Complacent), 115; "sheer repetitive weight makes it sink down into the gut" 117; and Brando, 158; the ball, 160; The Zone, 166; service,172; seeding, 174; in the groove, 242-43; 258; "largely mental" 269; college recruiting, 284; after achieving top ranking, 436; the Fresno family that's poisoned, 436; dawn drills, 452; "This second world inside the lines" 459; "junior players don't have the emotional juice left over after tennis to face what dating requires" 635; "Axiom: the man who has to hit up from the net is going to get passed" 653; what top tennis requires, 675-76; famous burnouts, 676; Billboard Who Walks, 676; gestalt or complete game, 679; "ability to transcend the goal" 680; Sydrome of the Endless Party, 681; "Life is like tennis. and continental Reconfiguration; and Luria P.("a great and timeless love"), 94, 105-06; 312; 392; "former O.

Sivnik; Consummation of the Levirates 171; old print of "minor and soft core Alexandrian mosaic" in Hal's & Mario's room; 952 Contraria Sunt Complementa 713; Latin: "We Are What We Are Against" Cortelyu, April 206; Ennet House resident couch-potato-ism 620; "The fellowship and anonymous communion of being part of a watching crowd" as antidote, 621; Coyle, Kyle D.

1019; Calgarian pro-Canadian Phalanx; 489; cranio-facial-neuralgia fn.24/987; one of the subjects of Himself's Kinds of Pain crew 129; mug; rob Criess, Jolene 514; young ETA student; 755; Crocodiles, The 354; elder White Flaggers croquet 104; Csikzentmihalyi, Zoltan 98; 16-year-old, little-English speaking student at ETA; "a marginal Slavic kid" fn.324/1070; Cukor 219; molded plastic chair of, at Notkin's apartment Culte du Prochain Train, Le 732; of which Maranthe was a member; "La" "The Cult of the Next Train" fn.304/1058; Culte de Baiser Sans Fin, La fn.304/1061; "Cult of the Endless Kiss," another Québec separatist cult C.

Party, Gentle's party; "annular agnation of ultra-right jingoist.

.disillusioned fringes" that "swept to quadrennial victory" as a third party, 382; 1016;1022; Dali , Salvador 185; Spanish surrealist painter Darkstar See Mc Nair, Stokely Day, Geoffrey 209; Ennet House resident; "red-wine-and-Quaalude man who [...] manned the helm of a Scholarly Journal" 272; fn.90; "closet poofta" 561; the dark, billowing horror triggered by violin notes and vibrating window-glass, 649; attended Brown University and graduated magna cum laude, 650; telling Gately about his brother who "had enormous red loose lips and wore eyeglasses so thick his eyes had looked like an ant's eyes" w/phobic fear of leaves, 828; article on A.

E's" 540; Bewitched 834; 60s TV sitcom Big Book 360; AA's book Big Buddy 66; "big-brotherly type support and counsel" given by upperclassmen at ETA to the younger students; "Each E. of AZ, "interviewing" Hal Bing [Crosby] 545; slang for cocaine; "the 'Express Elevator to AA'"; 712; fn.27/994 Bioavailable Five 582; rock band Birch, Herbert G. D." Byzantine Erotica Hal's interest in, 29; "a triptych of high-quality" 35; 950 c:\Pink2 284; 511; C, Bobby 128; "Wos' former aquaintance from crewing with slopes on the North shore for Whity Sorkin in the days of his youth"; junkie in Boston who hangs with Poor Tony and "yrstruly"; takes off patty's ear, 129; 300; henchman for Sorkin, 917; (C.)] And..I was informed by a reader named Olympia Mc Gurk, " not benzoyl peroxide; its chemical name is propionyl peroxide (or more correctly but less commonly dipropionyl peroxide).

Elizabeth's Hospital, 2 blocks from Ennet House; 534; "St. player in 18-and-Unders has four to six 14-and-Unders kids he's supposed to keep his more experienced wing over" 98 Big Red Soda Water 222; Joelle's favorite soft drink from childhood Bill 3; Dean of Athletics at Univ. (George) 63; American president, 1988-92; 230; 473; Byrne, F. ("Follow That Ambulance") 512; "rapacious personal-injury J.

151; marketed tongue scrapers; 413 Footprints 601; "depressing Sober Club in Somerville's Davis Square" (fn.246); Ford, G. bricklayer accident, 138-39; Ennet House resident with tatooed neck, 206; 275; 363; skygrid, 542; VW bug, 578; "has recurrent diverticulitis" 594; God does Hal believe in, asks Mario, 40; "the God of their understanding helps them find parking places" 204; "speaks and acts entirely through the vehicle of human beings" 205; "God might regard the issue of whether you believe there's a God or not as fairly low on his/her/its list of things s/he/it's interested in re you." 205; "Coordinated as God" 242; Godbout fn.24/988; his "neoconceptual structuralist films" parodied in Himself's Various Small Flames Gompert, Katherine Ann ("Kate") 68; suicidal drug-dependent patient; data-clerical in a Wellesley Hills real estate office, 69; resident at Ennet House, 206; 361; at NA meeting, 503; purse snatched by Poor Tony, 714; drinking with Maranthe, 774; missing from Ennet House, 824; [NOTE: there is a real life Kate Gompert, and she sued Wallace over the use of her name in IJ. urologist, 633; brought "shitload of cartridges" from ETA dumpster to Ennet House, 825; Herman The Ceiling That Breathed 447; in "decayed beach-cottage" in Salem MA where Gately lived as a child; 923; Hinton 253; Hm H 189; Headmaster's House at ETA, where Avril I. Dean of Academic Affairs and of Females" 288; smokes Benson & Hedges, 391; "The Black Hole of Human Attention" (Family Trivia) 521; "at 50 , is still endocrinologically compelling to males" fn.210/1035; Politeness Routine, 523; w/J. G.), 16; digging up his father's head, 17; "Is Himself still having this hallucination I never speak? 753; catatonic at the Shed; "the objay dart from the Shed that they come and install next to the Ennet House viewer some days" 818; Lord, Otis P. 571; near "what used to be Presque Isle Maine" LTIs 196 Ludditism 150; actually "Luddism;" opposition to technical or technological change Luke 257; Luke Skywalker, character in Star Wars who in the movie's climactic battle sequence does not "remove his targeting helmet" but in fact merely switches off his targeting computer in favor of "The Force" (the movie's quazi-religion.) Lung, The 51; inflatable covering for ETA tennis courts November-March; 153; inflation day (fourth Monday of November), 268; Luther 103; presumably Martin Luther, German theologian and leader of the Protestant Reformation. Lyle 114; guru in ETA weight room, who lives off others' perspiration; 127; Deus Providebit ("God Provides"), 198; and Himself, 249; 316; 379; dispensing wisdom for sweat, 387; visited in Ontario by Himself, fn.234 (1041); "appearance outside the weight room, upright and walking across the grounds" 433; hovering cross-legged "just a couple mm. 176; Executive Director, Ennet House in Enfield, MA; 196; had a stroke, 278; "photo-seizure-prone" 361; her black 1964 Ford Aventura, 461; husband, 461; background & description, 465; and Mars (husband? S., Canada, Mexico); tumesence of, 283; history, 391; 1013; O. Stice and The Bride), 628;11/11/YDAU match w/Hal described, 652; forehead stuck to window, 865; 3 statisticians joke, 867; bed is on the ceiling, 942; bet Coyle "he could stand on his desk chair and lift it up at the same time" 943; Stockhausen 281; ETA student on "C" team, singing opera on the bus Stokely-van Camp Corp. ) Store 24 206; where Mc Dade works Stott, Donnie 121; ETA student; Donni, 523, 965; "Valley-Map laugher" fn.324/1067; Stove, Betty 123; "Power-game tradition"; Dutch tennis player of the mid-70s, winner of numerous Grand Slam doubles titles playing with Wendy Turnbull. 49; of Orinda, CA; ETA student and Big Buddy to Tallat-Kelpsa, Traub & Whale; Gopnik); pet tarantula, 519; wears braces, 638; studying Québec-separatist history, fn.304/1055; about his dissipated dad, fn.304/1058; student engineer at WYYY 82; 239; kidnapped, 622-26; 726-27; Subject, The 43; Orin's affectionate moniker for his partners in one-night stands; 566; Subsidized Era 151; when corporations sponsor a year, which year the sponsor may name, at the end of which year they sell the sponsorship to the highest bidder; chronology, 223 (first was B.

Heany Facility for Demonstrably Incorrigible Girls" 786; Fond du Lac's No Coat Inc. cell" (fn.39/994); 319; Marathe's superior, 420; "A. (1956 book by James Baldwin) Giving It Away "people are virtually unlimited in their need to give themselves away" 53; "Our attachments are our temple [...] What we give ourselves to" 107; 12th Step: speaking in front of AA Groups, 344; "We are all dying to give our lives away to something [...] A flight-from in the form of a plunging-into" 900 Glass, Philip 802; minimalist American composer Gleason, J(ackie) fn.324/1070; "Leith's historical b/w" American sitcom actor (played buffonish and noisy character Ralph Kramden in "The Honeymooners," a program that ran before color TV.) Gloeckner fn.324/1070; male ETA student w/ locker between Freer's and Hal's Glynn, Dwayne "Doony" R. Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder" fn.234/1039; Incandenza, Harold ("Hal") James 3; in Univ. G.; "verbal scores that are just quite a bit closer to zero than we're comfortable with" 6; essays parroting his parents' interests, 7; "familiar panic of feeling misperceived" 8; "Call it something I ate" 10; mold-eating incident, 10, fn.234/1041; in an emergency room "almost exactly one year back" (from 11/Y. (6' 1/4") tall in stocking feet" 898; reciting random facts, 898; "Himself, for two years before his death, had had this delusion of silence when I spoke: I believed I was speaking and he believed I was not speaking" 899; "I was the meat in the room's sandwich" 902; w/Pemulis, 907; thinks Pemulis is trying to get him to agree to take DMZ, 908; making cage of his hands, 909; "trying to align myself along some sort of grain in the world I could barely feel" 950; 3rd person narration, 964; at ETA Gala, Hal's face "assumed various expressions ranging from distended hilarity to scrunched grimace, expressions that seemed unconnected to anything that was going on" 966; DMZ-dream that he's the soldier and is "screaming for help and everybody's acting as if [he's] singing Ethel Merman covers [...] a quality of loneliness " fn.321/1063; Incandenza, James Orin, Sr. Thérèse 396; "character out of old Québecois mythology who was supposedly so inhumanly gorgeous that anyone who looked at her turned instantly into a human-sized precious gem"; "In most versions an opal" 529; Logan 710; large Boston airport where black addict works; where Québec team is to land, 853; Lolasister 130; junkie in Boston; 300; Longley, Bernadette 50; ETA student; 282; Lopate, Mrs. H., 639; kid sister, 643; at Stice/Hal match, 652; stelliform "sharp star of frond-shade" 165; "star's points" 187; Stelliform Cultism, 560; "perfectly round [...] radiating knives of light" 88; "gigantic asterisk shadows" 88; something Lenz talks about; "antihistorical American stelliformism" fn.304/1058; "stelliform offshoots" of Le Assassins " fn.304/1060; stemming 203; metro Boston for panhandling Steve's donuts 129; junkie hangout in Enfield Squar[e], Boston Stewart, Rod 44; British rock singer ("Rod the Mod") Stice, Ortho ("the Darkness") 17; patriotic ETA student; big fan of Schtitt, 105; Big Buddy to Wagenknecht; 264; rooms w/Coyle, 394; conferring w/Lyle, 394; fn.185; crewcutted, 520; counterphobia, 550; parents (Mr.

110/1005 Diehl, Gavin 177; resident at Ennet House; 208; 363; 596; Diggs, Mrs. Gompert Dimock Detox 272; where Geoffrey Day came from Dingley 564; "that skittery kid" at Ennet House Disease "your personal will is the web your Disease sits and spins in" 357; Dixon, Franklin W. R.'s standard, "a double sinuous s-shaped line across the traditional fleur-de-lis motif of Quebecois Separatism, fn.304/1056; Pemulis: "revere the double S.

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