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Holding the Plane Level and upright start the rebate at the further end of the wood and work gradually backwards until you are able to take off the final shaving, the full length of the rebate, Ensure that the left hand exerts pressure sideways to keep the Fence in compleate contact with the wood.

(The Illustration shows the correct wat to hold the plane).

Rebates are used on window and door frames, for fitting backs into Carcase work and many other applications Including various joints such as secret-lap dovetailing.

Using the Illustration on the opposite page, fit both the Depth Gauge and Fence. A new Cutter will require honing on a good flat oilstone.

The Plane is fitted with a Spur, an Adjustable Fence and an Adjustable Depth Gauge.

The Adjustable Fence can be fitted on either side of the Plane.

When sharpened, the Cutter is fitted into the Plane with the bevel downwards.

Before tightening down the Lever Screw "E", ensure that the sides of the Cutter and the Lever are flush with the machines side of the Plane Body and that the cutting edge itself projects evenly from the Sole of the Plane.

I present this forum thread as a means of discussion, learning, and sharing our experiences with the #45.

If you’ve got specific questions, or things that you’d like for me to try and then post, I’d like to hear it here.

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