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We can do this by using the DHCP service on a non-AD joined Windows Server configured with DHCP credentials, DHCP Option 015, and configured to force all leases to register into the zone whether the device has the ability to register on its own or not.

The credentials allows DHCP to own the record, so in case the device leaves and returns at a later date and gets a new IP, the DHCP service can update the old host record in DNS with the new IP.

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These steps must be completed for each domain that you would like to enable protection. Log into c Panel and select Authentication from the email menu. Scroll down to the SPF section and click If you'd like to set up SPF records for an Alternate Domain, please make sure that you are adding the TXT record to the proper zone.

The SPF record for my-example-domain-2does not belong in's DNS zone listing, but rather in the DNS zone of that same domain.

Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting custom DNS settings is not supported by (mt) Media Temple.

Please take a moment to review our Statement of Support.

This is useful for avoiding large amounts of unsolicited error messages, spam from forged email addresses, and other auto-reply clutter.

c Panel provides a simple interface for generating an SPF for outgoing mail protection.

The authoritative source for this information can be found here:

Your domain must be using (mt) nameservers: This article is provided as a courtesy.

Once this entry is placed within the DNS zone, no further configuration is necessary to take advantage of servers that incorporate SPF checking into their anti-spam systems.

This SPF record is added the same way as a regular A, MX, or CNAME record.

If you weren’t aware of this basic requirement, you can catch up on how Dynamic DNS registration works by reading my other blog: AD & Dynamic DNS Updates Registration Rules of engagement However, workgroup computers normally do not have a Primary DNS Suffix, unless you’ve already manually configured all of them.

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