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Carry medications with you as well in case of an allergic attack. i know this is a long shot but, anyone have some insight?i dont know why anyone ever has the answer to what most anyone that looked this up is can i do to help alleviate the symptoms? I have a strawberry allergy and I also have three small children, so I’m a little familiar with baby meds.

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Each year, over 500,000 visitors enjoy the festival’s headline entertainment, youth livestock shows, rides, exhibits of commerce and, of course, its strawberry shortcake.

This is the most concrete discovery about strawberry allergies to date which is credited to a group of biochemists at Lund University in Sweden.

What their research does tell is that the strawberry allergen is similar to the allergen in birch pollen.

If you have birch pollen allergies, it is common for you to develop secondary food allergies to strawberries or other foods, but if you have a strawberry allergy, it would not mean that you will develop an allergy to birch pollen though. Strawberries are not fruits actually because their seeds grow on the outside, on their skin, unlike real fruits that have their seeds on the inside.

I take the adult versions of those things (Tylenol and Gas-X) and it helps tremendously. I didn’t have Benadryl and gave her diluted allergy med for kids. I don’t think I gave her enough and I just really hope it’s going to be better in the morning.

I just find it odd the symptoms occur 24 hrs later and have gotten worse throughout the day. I have two kids with allergies and if your child has a prolonged reaction (which is what it sounds like) you should get her to a doctor ASAP.

Stay away from strawberry jam, dried strawberries, strawberry candies, and anything with strawberries in it.

Although the white strawberry variety is known to contain less of the allergen, it is still better to be safe.

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