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Diego Maradona winner of the 1986 World Cup and two Italian Championships with Napoli is the number one on our list of best football players ever.

Maradona almost single handedly won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986.

The second was a goal of outstanding class and would be voted "Goal of the Century" in 2002.

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Cruyff was well known for his insight of the game which gave him the ability to give great passes to his teammates.

Cruyff had the ability of a great technique he could dribble very well and had a very fast acceleration, he could suddenly change direction and pass a defender.

Iran poses a threat to Israel for being opposed to Zionist expansion and its malignant actions toward the Palestinians.

Should America be forever caught in Jewry’s web of confrontation and enmity? Jews will direct his impudence toward ignoring every single argument why America should NOT entangle itself in Israel’s complaints, squawks, and eternal whines.

He won three European Cups and scored four goals in the 1960 final against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Pusks was also a player of the famous Hungarian team that became second in the 1954 World Cup.The number 4 on our list is a defender, Beckenbauer."Der Kaiser" introduced a new style of playing as an attacking sweeper.He would often make a rush from his own penalty area to the penalty area of the opponent by dribbling and making short combinations with his teammates.Despite being a defender he scored 60 goals in 427 appearances for Bayern Munich.He won the World Cup in 1974 in his homeland as a captain of Germany.

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