Tax consequences of liquidating an ira

So, I eschewed the low risk, lower return loans and concentrated my entire portfolio in these higher risk segments.But since the 2015 it has been the A and B grade loans that have performed best at Lending Club. As you look at the above table you should take note of the following points: Now, I will break down each of my investments from the above table grouped by company.

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These are primarily residential fix and flip properties where a developer intends to renovate and then resell the property in a short amount of time.

One of best things about Peerstreet from an investor perspective is that they have a $1,000 minimum investment per loan, whereas most real estate platforms have a $5,000 minimum.

This has been a consistently good performer always returning in the 8-10% range.

I would put more capital to work here but with few new deals coming on the platform it takes too long to deploy capital today. I really like their new bank partnership product and I am invested in a few of these loans now (full disclosure: I am on the advisory board of this Denver-based company).

It is interesting that the one account where I have taken a balanced approach since day one, my Prosper New Roth IRA account is performing the best.

This account was opened about four years ago and is managed by Lend Academy sister company NSR Invest using their balanced strategy.

The reality is that I had been far too weighted in the highest risk loans.

For many years these D, E, F and G grade loans were the best performing loans and I had no reason to believe that would not continue.

Time for my regular quarterly returns post, one of the most popular features here on Lend Academy.

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