Tea party intimidating voters

Plante, who says he grew up in a Chicago home with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr.

“It’s not quite what it was a long time ago,” he said.

Pondering for a minute, he laughed and added, “It’s more sophisticated now.”Correction: An article last Sunday about the 50-year fight over the Voting Rights Act referred incompletely to the significance of Georgia’s revised voter-ID Law.

The Civitas Institute, which Pope co-founded, had been pushing for the provision ending same-day registration and shortening the early-voting period. This, in essence, is what many of the arguments against the Voting Rights Act have always come down to.

(Pope told me he had no hand in the foundation’s work and hadn’t given the new law much thought.) The law’s provision removing student IDs, even those issued by state schools, from the list of acceptable identification had been championed by the newly formed Voter Integrity Project, a local group unaffiliated with Von Spakovsky’s Voting Integrity Project. ” Emails that would later emerge in court showed that in lobbying for another bill restricting student registration, De Lancy told lawmakers that, if successful, “it will shift the landscape of college-town voting all across the nation.”Within two days, the law passed both chambers without a single Democratic vote. The sun was beating down hard when court broke that day.

It showed President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on July 2 of that year — not the Voting Rights Act.

A picture of Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act, on Aug. Jim Rutenberg is the chief political correspondent for the magazine.

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He lived in a house a few blocks away from the polling place, not in the building that housed the polling station.

In addition, the article misspelled the surname of a state senator who helped pass North Carolina’s sweeping new voting law. And a picture with an accompanying timeline was published in error.

It is the Georgia Supreme Court, not the Supreme Court of the United States.

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