Teen dating issue

That way your teen won’t misread the situation and think you’re mad or disappointed when you’re not.

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And if being late becomes a habit, there need to be consequences.

Teens with ADHD are more likely than their peers to find themselves in risky situations.

But research shows that teens with ADHD are more likely to be sexually active than their peers.

Avoiding the topic can keep your teen from having the information and guidance needed to make good choices.

Here are eight ways to help your son or daughter with ADHD avoid problem spots and make smart choices when it comes to dating.

What you think of when you hear the word , find out if that refers to having sex.Assure her she can call you anytime she feels uneasy or unsafe, and you’ll come and get her, no questions asked.Also, make sure your child leaves the house with enough money to get home using a car service or public transportation.You can’t help kids navigate the dating world if they’re not willing to talk or listen to you.Try to make your teen feel comfortable by speaking openly about dating issues.Tell her if she’s running a little late, she should call or text that she’s on her way.

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