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At Broadmeadows Magistrate Court in Melbourne for example, there are two lines, one for all other criminal matters and the other for Intervention Orders.

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I am content that I did my best for many people, but please shout me a meal if you want me to add links from this page to anything as I have been here decades, many people have benefited from my care and attention.

It does end parents, hang in there and you will get you life and some freedom back. I lost a house and my health caring for my children during the writing of this webpage and other family law webpages.

Knowinglyfalse allegationsofchild abusewill now become a legitimate reason to deny children any contact with their father in the event of separation, under controversial new laws passed by parliament today.

The government has made changes to family laws compellingfamily lawcourts to consider all allegations of family violence, even irrational, malicious and knowingly dishonest allegations.

So many people email for family law help, but we are not solicitors and have done all we are able here recounting others experiences in original documents in a delicate legal framework that does not invite criticism.

Male Hating Labour party zealots destroying Australian Families and abolishing a thousands years of legal rights to a trial and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

"Social Science and Parenting Plans for Young Children": A Consensus Report, written by US Professor Richard Warshak. Good luck parents, try and forgive your ex and remember children will grow into adults.

The take-home message from the report is that there is NO evidence to support the conclusion that children should not have overnight care with their father. What was the family law solicitor's first question to their new client. We hope some of this information will be of some help to some people, sorry we cannot expand and maintain it as we would like to.

He was arrested for it and three months later had gone from being a professional engineer to an unemployable criminal having also had his front teeth knocked out while in jail for three months.

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