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"We are learning a lot about conversations between people and AIs.In China, our Xiao Ice chatbot today has millions of followers who have conversations that average 23 'turns' — that is, chat sessions that go back and forth between the user and Xiao Ice 23 times.After all, you make filters for your email, and change settings on your Facebook account, right?

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I'll try to keep track and keep her updated and learning. If you try something and it doesn't work, come back after awhile and I'll try to have it fixed for you.

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"The whole thing only works when it's just so easy that you don't even think about the fact that it's a bot."Read More: Why You Might Soon Text Robots as Often as Your Friends But he pointed out that bots are currently only capable of elementary tasks that don't require any kind of lateral thinking or complex interactions with other services.

A bot might be able to process your credit card faster than a human, but humans can still do things bots can't even comprehend.

Bots are usually powered by artificial intelligence (hence the name, as in “robot”), but may also rely on humans.

Many in the technology industry hope that Facebook’s event will mark the beginning of another fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar software economy.

Text-to-Speech What this does is enable or disable the /tts command.

If you have this option de-selected, and type in a /tts sentence the Text-to-Speech bot will not read it aloud.

We are discerning topic, sentiment, task completions, etc."It isn't just the science behind the bots that is evolving — it's easier than ever to make one, said Hartman."There's this focus around it, so there are all these tools getting developed for all levels of skill," he explained.

"The other driver is the platforms opening up, which means you get a much bigger audience.""It’s more of a cultural shift," said Roberts.

"Bots make people's lives easier, but are not designed to replace people," said Roberts.

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