The costs and benefits of accommodating employees with disabilities Lanka lve sex web cam

In the USA this figure reaches over 121 million people.However, large numbers of people don’t necessarily equate to equal opportunities.

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Gone are the days where the ‘middle aged white man’ is the epitome of business. Does your workforce reflect your customers and clients?

Does the workforce match up with the demographic that you serve?

What’s more is that you may not even realise that your actions are denying certain people access to opportunities.

You may not be actively disallowing people of a certain gender, race or religion from applying for a job or gaining a promotion but on closer inspection you may start to spot hidden barriers that inadvertently do so.

In 2014, Global banking company BNP Paribas announced the start of their annual Diversity and Inclusion Week.

The week takes place in BNP Paribas offices around the world and includes over 50 events across 10 local offices within the UK.

Diversity means that your business will be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking and you’re much more likely to succeed. It’s also necessary to consider the pool from which you select your employees.

In the UK, the working population is aging and there is a rapidly increasing amount of women and ethnic minorities entering the workforce.

Your equality and diversity policy will help to redress the balance and prevent statistics like these from becoming the norm.

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