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"At night I strung my bow, sorted my arrows, practiced with my dagger, polished my weapons. It had assembled its tribes; it had gathered its neighbouring peoples; it was intent on this combat.He came toward me while I waited, having placed myself near him. All hearts ached for me thinking: "Is there another champion who could fight him?The Greco-Roman period involved the most changes in our religion. We don't know a great deal about Jewish history from the time of Alexander the Great until the Bar Kochba Revolt.

It must be emphasized that Josephus was writing for Vespasian, so his work is definitely biased.

He mentions several times in his Greek writings that he created an Aramaic version of the events as well, but it, unfortunately, is not extant.

Following the end of the war, Josephus was taken to Rome, where he wrote The Jewish War.

His second major work, Jewish Antiquities, described the entire history of the Jews.

He had access to many sources which no longer exist (such as temple records), but also included legends and fanciful stories. Barley was there and emmer, and no end of cattle of all kinds.

As a result, you have to take some of his stories with a pinch of salt. C) and George Syncellos (a Byzantine historian from the eighth century A. As a result, our knowledge of the original text is limited, and coloured by the opinions of the authors who referred to him." No Basket read can survive in the Nile, many tried that experiment and it utterly failed, all baskets with baby dolls drowned in the basket, however there is the famous story of the Holy Isis when she hid her Son Holy Horus from his evil uncle Seth, the Brother of Holy Osiris, in a reed basket in the marshes., again a story that was copied by the inventors of the bible. Much also came to me because of the love of me; for he had made me chief of a tribe in the best part of his land.

No full copies of Manetho's text remain, we only have short sections of text and a few references in the writings of Josephus Flavius (first century A. Why would a princess of Egypt, unmarried adopt a a foreign child in the first place, but let us assume that her kind human heart was to save the poor child from the Nile, but then how did moses's sister ? Loaves were made for me daily, and wine as daily fare, cooked meat, roast fowl, as well as desert game.

Miriam " an Egyptian name from "Meryamen " gain access to the palace or the princess, may be its fate and the will of god. For they snared for me and laid it before me, in addition to the catch of my hounds.

The Old Testament mentioned that slaves burned bricks to build the new Store City, a practice that was introduced during Roman period. And the city of Pi Ramses was built by Stones not even mud bricks. He let me choose for myself of his land, of the best that was his, on his border with another land. Many sweets were made for me, and milk dishes of all kinds." please also that other parts of the very same story was later copied for the story of David and the Goliath in the same manner, which is more prove that they copied these stories from famous Egyptian stories and classical tales.

Why would a prince of Egypt run away for killing an Egyptian Forman, surely his adoptive mother the princess, daughter of pharaoh, would protect him, if not the pharaoh himself, unless as in a democratic country no one was above the law and murder was not acceptable in a civilized society such as Ancient Egypt who had laws far more advanced than the so called ten commandments? "There came a hero of Retenu, To challenge me in my tent.

During the Great Revolt from 66-73 CE, Josephus served as a general of the Galilee.

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