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it was so dragging for 16 episodes drama However, I kept watching it as i am curious about the ending This is my first best film after watching so many Korean movies,i love playful kiss that I felt like watching it again and again but oh ha ni really try in the film for fall in love with a guy for 5 years I hope this love still exist in life,since I have been watch Korean movies this is the first movies that they show the marriage and what happen after the marriage but thanks to oh ha ni that all her 5 years in love was not in vain but really like her since before their first kiss in their school graduation ceremony I have watched quite a lot, and always the original seems better. if this is to be manga style, then the korean seems a very dif version and becomes draggy like korean saga and lose some of the spontaneous crazy cuteness in the jap manga version. This version is not worth watching, I haven't watched the Taiwan version though.

He goes to college, and (of course) she stalks him there. Totally in love with this series and I keep on watching it again and again.... This is really a good piece please let me know when your movies comes out so I can purchase it. Am from Nigeria and I love buying the complete movies on dvd. and for the female lead whether YOON EUN HYE or PARK SHIN HYE.. OMG i am so happy that there will be a korean version of my fav. also i LOVE kim hyun joong and SS501 and i was so happy that he will be playing the main role!!!

She doesn't have a brain of her own and just follows this guy around. I understand that some high school kdramas follow the script of guy mean to girl, but this was ridiculous. The cast & crew and the music everything is perfect in this series I hope there is season 2 also and can't wait to watch it. I really don't have patience watching this playfulkiss on series I prefer it on dvd cos am always anxious. Am from Nigeria ad I can tell you all my friends are crazy about this movie. I can tell u we don't have this kind of story line in Nigeria here in our movie industry. Don't really like watchning it on youtube cos it waste bt if am able to buy it and slot it in my dvd.

The girl's character is so pathetic, she just following him arround and has no brain nor ambission or whatsoever. When this drama aired, I didn't watch it cs hadn't moved on from japan version in 1996. O-Hani was described so cute but never making a disappointment, I mean she has not ridiculous act, just so cute. His playful act to Hani is just adorable too, but still cool person as his character. And the last, I find this version is so full of values and so meaning to get learning about their life and norm. I wish there is another season with Kim hyun jung and jung so min as the main characters. The actors are more suited to the roles, the writing flows seamlessly, and tthere is great character development for both the female and male leads, not just for Baek Seung-Jo (Naoki, Jiang Zhi Shu in other versions). Plus there's a creepy part in the Japanese version where where the main character's cousin flirts with him and tryst to steal him which is CREEPY and incestuous. if we could fast forward this drama to 10 years later in their marriage, Baek Seung Jo would probably be less brash and more loving in his actions and speech to Oh Ha Ni. o ha ni is such a fool, why wld a man love a woman without any goal other than following him around all time. GOD SPEED KIM HYUN JOONG and JUNG SU MIN baek-sun jo= handsome and awsome!! I felt Oh Ha-Ni should have been stronger, instead of constantly being hurt by Baek Seung-Jo. this is the awesomest (most awesome) drama i've ever watched as well as the BOF.

And the boy, please, I know you're genius, handsome, full of great qualification from the world, but if you hate the girl because she's stupid, why don't you just go to the other girl. Anyway, I love Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong but I just want to finish this drama fast and never look back. I have just finished to watch it recently, then I have my conclusion that this is the best version than others. I also love how willing Oh Ha-Ni is to stand up to Baek Seung-Jo and tease him. There was nothing like that in the Korean version which I love. It would be super if they would do a continuation drama. The people who said this was "ok" or even bad are complete fools. pls no writer should creat a character without pride as the lead lady ever. Ha Ni= just plain freakin adorable sun jo's mom=WANT HER TO BE MY FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW!! The ending was nice that he finally realized how he felt about her, but how could she truly like someone so mean. sth i didnot like about that drama was that : 1 : o ha ni didnet have proud !!!!! this made me obsessed on korean dramas even more., LOL but anyway, i really had a great time watching this and i will definitely spare some time to watch it over again. it will be really heart-breaking if there wont be any.

Whoever wrote the script hates women, because the main character is such a ditz, and a stalker. I was fully expecting another typical unsatisfying/loose ending. Its not onyl sweet, cute, funny but also tells us that strong family ties and friendship plays a very important role to our lives. Playful kiss is the best korean drama I've watched..... i love this show so much, better then any show i ever really watched here in america and that's hard to say since i really love pretty little liars and awkward i was really sad when i finished the 16 episodes on Netflix and then the extra 7 on you-tube because i knew it was really over this show has so many emotions to it which is great because it keeps you interested that's why although my comment late is four years i still hope the show could come back that would be my wish I heard many saying Taiwanese version is better and this one sucks. i prefer to buy it in a dvd already completed because of the anticipation it causes me. But with d more youthful approach and refreshing comedy scenes, dis drama is still good plus Jung So-Min looks a lot like a young Yun Eun-Hye (charm & facial expressions). the actors performed excellently and honestly speaking, it even exceeded my expectations in dis drama.... And my fac Korean singer/actor/dancer is Kim Hyun Jung! : D -- OH HA NI (JUNG SO-MIN) and BAEK SEUNG JO (KIM HYUN JOONG) ARE THE BEST! i like it i can't wait to see all the complete episode..mabuhay ka . I’m so freaken excited I seen the japanese and taiwanese version twice, and I can’t wait to see the korean version, I wonder what will be the same or differents between the other 2 dramas that where created by it XD I think JANG GEUN SEOK or JOON JI HOON is the best candidate for the male lead character.

She stalks this guy (main character) who verbally abuses her whatever chance he gets (pretty much every 2 minutes). but well that's the joy and pain of young love which each and everyone has to go through at one point of our lives. Playful Kiss is highly recommended, one of the best! Love the acting of both Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So min. Please when is the season 2 coming out I just can't wait. All my friends I told about the movie are already asking me when the season 2 is coming out. I tried to watch Taiwanese version but just couldn't find that one so interesting as this one. i would be really greatful if i can get the already completed series. and when I found out that he was going to do this drama I fainted!!!!! I LOVED IT VERY MUCH yeah, this the BEST Korean drama I watched so far... Their acting are more or less like Kashiwabara Takashi (male lead in Itazura Na Kiss-- Japan version).. I was so young back then and very mesmerized by this drama lol i even still can't forget all of its osts. I watched this version first and then the Japanese version.I really want to watch it again haha Can't believe many girls like this drama. The Korean version of this show is absolutely hands down the best. It goes without saying my interest lies in Baek Seung Jo (because I love Kim hyun Joong). we shuld make a petition for them making a season 2 with the same actors. Because since this show, none of the following have had anything new on the screen, large or small: Jung So-Min, Hong Yun-Hwa, Moon Hee-Won, Oh Kyung-Soo, Song Yong-Sik, Choi Seong-Guk.I think that this version of Itazura na Kiss is unique. Because I want to learn the dialogues of Playful kiss in its original version but I can't read Korean letters. It doesn't copy event from event, it elaborates and makes something special. Compared to Furukawa Yuki (Irie Naoki) and Honoka Miki (Kotoko), both two leads in this drama are nothing. Moreover, like any other Kdramas this is so draggy and too many unimportant scenes that's not in the manga.

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