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There is also a German version of the site so people speaking this language will be delighted with this opportunity.Femdom Destiny is constantly publishing some of the best photos from the Facesitting Girls.

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All that special kind of eastern beauty is really something special.

With over 250 exclusive videos, you will find some of the Dommes get completely naked, while others keep their tops or skirts on and remove their panties just before planting their pussies over the mouths of the slaves.

FACESITTING SITESTOP 10: Probably every man has a fetish for a female butt.

Let’s be honest here and talk without a fake modesty.

There are some more sites having a similar approach and they are ranked lower considering that these are not sites offering only facesitting stuff.

Brutal Facesitting samples: The best thing with sites top lists is that you will get a chance to learn a lot about similar facesitting sites in one place.

Brutal Facesitting is, just as the first ranked site, totally dedicated to this fetish.

The difference is that here you will find more violent and hardcore stuff and many people love it to experience it like this.

This means that there is an incredible number of 238 dominant girls and a huge archive of 465 exclusive videos and around 36 000 photos.

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