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Lisa derides Eikichi, prompting him to fight them both with his Persona.

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Originally, Tatsuya was a caring, proud, self-confident person and it's in his nature to not leave people in need.

He has a vague feeling in his heart to be a person who can express ideals to others like Maya did when they were young.

All three then pass out and meet Philemon, who tells them about their Personas, and that rumors are becoming reality.

Intrigued, Lisa decides to test calling the Joker to see if the rumor did come true, and tries, along with Ken, Takeshi, and Shogo, while Tatsuya, Eikichi, and Miyabi watch.

In Eternal Punishment, Tatsuya sports a two-piece motorcycle outfit consisting of red pants and a matching jacket with a large 'X' symbol on its front.

He also now has a distinctive tattoo-like marking winding up his right forearm.

The letter instructs him to go to the Sumaru Prison alone if he wants the girl, Miyabi, to live.

Lisa goes with him to face Eikichi and it's revealed that the letter was a ploy set up by Eikichi's friends to get Tatsuya to join their band, Gas Chamber.

According to another student from Seven Sisters, Tatsuya always attends school, but skips lectures.

One day, Tatsuya gets a letter from Lisa Silverman about a student from their school being kidnapped by the gang leader of Kasugayama High School.

In Innocent Sin he wears the male-variant Seven Sisters uniform, consisting of a black blazer and black pants with contrast trim worn over a white button-down shirt, and black sneakers.

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