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is a helper class that shows a grid of cubes when activated.

Its main purpose is to be used as a way to know where the ideal center of location is for the user’s eye position.

unity updating editor preferences from script-83

≫ Oculus VR and deselect the If you plan to run your application in the Unity editor, you must use extended mode.

A black screen will appear if you run it in direct mode.

It is designed to be attached to a moving object (such as a character walking around, a car, a gun turret, etc.) This replaces the conventional camera.

The following scripts (components) are attached to the OVRCamera Rig prefab: The OVRPlayer Controller is the easiest way to start navigating a virtual environment.

For more information, refer to the Oculus Developer Guide and reference manual. It also renders a menu that allows a user to modify various Rift settings and allows storage of these settings for later use.

You can use this component to add as many scenes as you like.

You can still access it and change the settings when running your plain executable (≪App Name≫.exe) by holding the ALT key immediately after launch.

To disable this behavior, navigate to Edit ≫ Preferences...

Their Animation topic is not directly applicable to Spine-Unity so there's no need to learn that to know how to use Spine-Unity. Make sure you read the text in the scene, check out the inspector and open the relevant sample scripts.

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