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I had regrets about the insulator lights that I first hung from the very beginning (here’s a of what they looked like), so I finally just took them down and built these instead.I found this tutorial online and went about ordering parts to piece together to make my own.They were so cheap and easy – like a piece or less and a couple hours to put all together. The countertops were a bit of a trial and error situation.

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We saved a lot of money buying everything from Ikea, Home Depot, and Overstock, and only “splurged” (if you can even call it that) on appliances.

Although I wanted Big Chill appliances that would have cost as much as the entire renovation, so I guess you could say we saved a ton of money there too!

We can even have a group in the living room and I can still be a part of the conversation.

Just a note about the Ice appliances we have: we love them.

All the jars have dry goods I use a lot, like beans, rice, dried fruit, nuts, oatmeal, etc. Everything else I can’t reach without hopping up on the counter, so that’s all pretty stuff that I won’t be getting down much. When I’m cooking, Parker can be pretty much anywhere in the house and I can still talk to him.

And when guests come over, they sit at the bar while I prep food.

Living with less, that’s been our theme (and it’s felt so good! Secondly, we really felt like it would keep the kitchen feeling more open if we kept the other walls bare. The floating shelves were a bit of an “issue.” Our first contractor wouldn’t do what I wanted. Once everything was screwed in on both the wall and the shelf, we plastered over the stud/bracket with drywall compound, and did the same on the shelf with wood putty.

He insisted that I HAD to have decorative brackets that would be seen and I had to have a lot of them. Slap a coat of paint on both, and the end, even if I had to wait a while. The shelves are decorative, yes, but it does store items I use quite frequently.

It’s not so bad that I’m if I could do it all over again. I have to say, it feels SO GOOD to have a completed kitchen, where everything has a place, and I don’t have to explain to people when they come over “Oh, it’s not done yet we still have to do this, this, and that…”. In case anyone is interested, here are the sources for what you see: Cabinets: Ikea with Adel off white doors | Countertops: Ikea | Sink: Ikea | Faucet: Overstock | Cabinet Hardware: Home Depot cup pulls & knobs (I think that’s right, they look more black in person) | Appliances: Whirlpool Gold White Ice collection | Shelves: custom (thanks, Dad!

It took us a while to get totally finished (almost 6 months! ) | Pendant Lights: DIY (this tutorial) | Canisters on I thought it would be helpful to anyone wanting to undertake a similar renovation to see how much this kitchen cost us.

I did two coats before realizing I couldn’t save it.

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