Updating modem for bellsouth

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It has an auto detect wizard which throws off the confusions of installation CDs and guides.

It has been equipped with the WPA\WPA2 wireless encryption and firewall to provide full security.

Off the top of my head, additions to include: -Broaden the scope a bit to include DSLs other than ADSL: SDSL, IDSL, g.lite, etc.

-PPPo E/A issues -Section on security -Updates on hardware compatibility issues -Possibly a section on criteria for choosing an ISP -Possibly a section on known 'Linux Friendly' ISPs -Section on Cable modem vs DSL -Possible section on troubleshooting -Expanded Links and Glossary sections Any comments, suggestions, etc welcomed.

Hello fast, the westell modem is incapable with another router because you cant have 2 router Nats.

it was not made for that purpose if you want to add more users to the network I suggest you contact att and order there dsl routers if you have a business account you will prob get one for free if your a under a residents it will cost probably 150.00 for one i hope this helps westells suck well there standard modems do anyway Edited by The Guru Man, 24 March 2008 - AM.

PS -- Also, on the Linux Friendly ISP thing, I am trying to put together a database on this, and have posted this on various news groups and mailing lists, but not getting a lot of action.

So if anyone has a DSL ISP that fits these minimal requirements: -Ethernet interfaced modem is an available option -No installation bugaboos (like requiring a Win or Mac box) -Tech support will not hang up on you just because you are running Linux.

I bought this modem so that I could eliminate a separate wireless router.

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