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Let’s start with the good news: You just bumped into a well-connected person and impressed the heck out of her.

While you should strive to keep an updated resume on hand, there’s no need to panic if you’re caught off guard.

Use the steps above to get your resume up to speed right now—and maybe check back in on it every couple of months so you’ll be more prepared next time.

Arm yourself with an updated, high-octane resume, and this could be the year that you land a better job.

If you're thinking about changing careers or industries, be sure you've clearly defined your goal.

Remember that proper spelling and grammar go a way. Then, read it out loud to make sure you’re not missing any words.

After that, look for what Muse career expert Lily Zhang calls, “little inconsistencies.” In “5 Common Resume Mistakes That You Can Fix All by Yourself,” she suggests, “…getting into the nitty-gritty details and deciding whether or not you’re going to have periods at the end of your bullets or how you’re going to format various elements.

Sara Mc Cord is a freelance writer and editor, who most frequently covers the career beat.

For nearly three years, she was an editor at The Muse, and she's regularly contributed career advice to Mashable.

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Make sure your resume instantly communicates your career target with a descriptive headline (e.g., "CPA Backed by Corporate Audit Experience") and adequately reflects your depth and breadth of experience in a brief, hard-hitting opening summary highlighting your top selling points.

But now that you have some post-grad experience, you’re going to want to lead with your professional history and most recent job.

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