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This can be a tedious task when performed manually, and usually requires a restart to get all your programs back up and running.

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In short, ALL Windows users will get this handy and powerful tool at their disposal, whereas only Windows XP users have an idea of it.

For the latter, we have made a nice surprise, as the features of PS Tray Factory exceed the standard built-in ones of this OS.

See also: Your Favourite FREE Programs & Utilities (Part 1).

This thread is here to discuss your favourite free applications and utilities for Microsoft Windows.

If you don't have one of the supported connection types don't worry you can visit the site, and ask the Cable Nut team for help. We don't haggle you with annoying advertisments, banners, time limits, or restrictions.

Yes, while technically a demo or trial is free, I suspect that wasn't the point of this thread.It's not hard to find good applications for just about any task, but finding good free ones can be difficult.Saying 'Nero is a great CD/DVD burning program and it's free! CCleaner Div XVista Codec Pack Spybot Spybot Tools GTalk Gmail Windows Live Messenger MSGPlus patch Copernic Desktop Search Notepad 2Vystal Firefox IZArc Adobe Readeru Torrent Netcut (fun little hacking thingy)Hope you enjoy those freeware programs, Panarchy I would like to check some of these programs but you didn't link them.The Freeware wiki entry provides a great starting point if you're interested in seeing what is recommended by Whirlpool users, as does part 1 of this thread. Firefox - browsing Winamp (v5.1 portable version) - audio player with ipod support7Zip - compression MP3Tag (portable) - MP3 tagging Keepass (portable) - password management Photo Filtre (portable) - basic graphics manipulation Easily the best I have found of late is Keepass.I can't live without it in my job and personal life where I have a zillion passwords to remember.The program can be customized in various aspects, and a quick wizard also allows you to exclude programs from being closed or restored.

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