Updating tudor home

Plus, windows throughout the house were rotten and so poorly sealed that five-foot jets of rainwater would regularly spray across the living room during gusty winter storms.

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Updating tudor home

All the house needed, they thought, would be paint and a few straightforward, cosmetic updates.

But, as they would find out after moving in, they were sorely mistaken.

Here the new arched ceiling repeats the arched openings familiar in many early 20th-century houses, especially Tudor Revivals.

The classic black and white color scheme in the kitchen is enlivened by the couple’s collection of colorful serving ware, some of it mid-century.

Back then, an ordinary village home or farmhouse was first framed entirely of timber.

The builder would then insert woven sticks known as wattle between the timbers.

Original fittings were recycled wherever possible; the old kitchen sink and faucets were relocated to the utility room, and the old kitchen cabinets were reused in the laundry room.

Because both homeowners are ardent cooks, they decided to enlarge the kitchen.

The previous owners had installed a hot tub on the rear deck, and in the process had completely blocked all of the exterior drains, causing storm water to back up and flood the basement during every rainstorm.

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