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Looking at the user catalog, an administrator can view the presence of a Dynamic Configuration file, which indicates that the package is entitled for that user.

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The appv file contains the following folder and files, which are used when creating and publishing a virtual application: Metadata for the package that contains the required information for adding, publishing, and launching the package.

Includes extension points (file type associations and shortcuts) and the names and GUIDs associated with the package.

The Package Store contains a pristine copy of the package files that have been streamed from the publishing server.

During normal operation of an App-V application, the user or service may require changes to the files.

Created in a roaming location and includes user-specific publishing information.

When a package is published for a user, the policy file is stored in the User Catalog.List of files for the primary and publishing feature block.The publishing feature block contains the ICO files and required portions of files (EXE and DLL) for publishing the package.Additional details for the table are provided in the section below and throughout the document.The App-V Client manages the applications assets mounted in the package store. The package store must be located at a local path on the client operating system.If the App-V Client is configured in Shared Content Store mode, no data is written to disk when a stream fault occurs, which means that the packages require minimal local disk space (publishing data).

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