Updating xbox 360 video codecs Adult masturbate cam chat

Turn off your Xbox 360 console, then disconnect your flash drive.

Update the Xbox 360 to which you want to transfer game content by logging into Xbox Live and automatically updating the console when prompted.

WMP12 will include support for many more codecs right “out of the box” which means you no longer have to mess around with community codec packs. Now with Windows 7 and WMP12, you can easily play an Xvi D AVI file immediately. For gamers who use their systems to stream media, this also introduces a huge advantage.

No longer will you have to install special REG files to ‘trick’ Windows into streaming video to your PS3 or XBOX 360.

If you aren't prompted, then the Xbox 360 is already updated.

Plug the USB flash drive into the Xbox 360 to which you want to transfer game content.

This requires a nearly automated configuration process for the portable USB drive.

And, once configured, users can put game content on any Xbox 360 into which they plug the flash drive.

A list of stored content on your USB flash drive will appear.

Choose the content you wish to transfer from the resulting list of data stored on your USB flash drive.

Highlight "Start" then press "A" to begin putting game content data on the Xbox 360 through the flash drive.

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