Validating clinical trial data the ten commandments of dating my daughter

Note: It is expected that the validation process will enable applicants to submit trial applications that adhere to all of the business rules, this may not always be possible.Applicants in exceptional cases submission package that does not meet the all the validation rules.

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Validating clinical trial data

More specifically, validation is usually concerned with checking four of the eight characteristics of good clinical data – these characteristics are from the first guidance and the first other reference listed below.

The eight characteristics are: Data validation tests usually check the original, accurate, complete, and consistent aspects of the data.

Currently, the coding is generally centered around two areas — adverse event terms and medication names.

With the variance on the number of references that can be made for adverse event terms or medication names, standard dictionaries of these terms can be loaded into the CDMS.

The general outline for data validation is listed below.

However, the validation process is complex and dependent on the data captured, business and regulatory concerns, the data management software used, and several other factors, so there are many possible variations and options.

The detail includes the number of data items where inputs were inconsistent or failed the business rules.

For example, in the screen displayed below there are 58 inconsistencies, or failed business rules.

Case report forms are manually filled at site and mailed to the company for which trial is being performed.

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