Validating credit card

The profiles generated on our site create real enough data that they can be used for registration.

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You should use these numbers only to test your validation strategies and for bogus data.

Without a valid owner name, an expiration date and a valid CVV code, they can't be used for real transactions.

If you have a physical store that accepts credit cards, you almost certainly have a merchant solution.

However, not all merchant solutions offer online transactions.

Each area code can tell you the state or province based on the first three digits of a ten digit phone number.

To validate, type the Credit Card or Debit Card Number in the specified field below.I am using Luhn Algorithm for validating credit card numbers and I am using j Query masking for formatting the credit card numbers (for reference: jquery.maskedinput-1.3.min). Text & " = NO" End If Catch ex As Exception Label1. Text & "To long or errer" End Try Public Class Card Public Function Checkroute(By Val a_num_l As Long) Dim i_Digit_a(19) As Integer Dim i_Equals_a(19) As Integer Dim x As Integer = 0 Dim i_num_i As Integer = 2 Dim l_num_s As String = Format(a_num_l, "00000000000000000000") Do While Not x = 19 i_Equals_a(x) = Mid(l_num_s, l_num_s.Credit Card / Debit Card Number Checker tool is designed to check the validity of Credit Card / Debit Card Number and check the (BIN) base on updated database.The tool support all major Credit Card & Debit Cards brands such as as VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club, JCB & Voyager.First is the Luhn Algorithm that gets the proper checksum for the card, the second method is the Bin Number Checker.

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